A John Wick spinoff, American Horror Story, and more new TV this week

It’s fall! It’s fall! The following are some of the reasons why you should consider hiring someone else on TV — just not how you’d think.

This week is the premier of ContinentalThe Continental Hotel (at least in its current form) is the subject of a Peacock production set within the John Wick universe. Like the movies, it’s bombastic and bold, full of action and rivalries and revenge. Also like the movies, it might be a little longer than you expect — each of Continental’s three episodes is closer to feature-film length than that of a typical TV show.

That’s just one of many heavy hitters coming to TV soon. This week, the premier of American Horror Story: Delicate, Big is a big word Rosemary’s BabyThe classic Ryan Murphy style of vibes. Sex Education returns for its fourth — and, sadly, last — season. Love is Blind This is going to make you wonder what happens inside those pods.

Here’s all the best new TV — premieres and finales — coming this week.

Netflix releases new series

Sex education season 4,

Genre: Young adult coming-of-age rom-com
Date of release: All episodes of Sept. 21
Showrunner/creator: Laurie Nunn
Cast: Asa Butterfield, Emma Mackey, Ncuti gatwa, Tanya Reynolds, Connor Swindells, Gillian Anderson, Patricia Allison, and others

Sex Education’s final season is here! It’s bittersweet, but all good things — and high school — have to come to an end eventually. Here’s to the sexual escapades at this weird little British school. They may have a happy love life.

Love Is Blind Season 5

Genre: Reality show to find love (and if it’s blind)
Date of release: Sept. 22 with Four Episodes
Showrunner/creator: Chris Coelen
Cast: People trying to find their love at all of the pod places

You know the drill: A bunch of singles enter into pods, where they “date” people through a wall without ever seeing them. The only way they get to meet IRL is once they’ve gotten engaged — then the real test of their love (or whatever it is) begins.

Murdaugh Murders, A Southern Scandal

An overhead shot of a house

Image: Netflix

Genre: True crime
Date of release: September 20, all episodes
Showrunner/creator: Michael Gasparro

You can also contact us by clicking here. Murdaugh Murders, A Southern ScandalThe first season focused on the Murdaugh murders. Season two follows key witnesses during the Murdaugh Trial (which ended in early this year).

Hulu has added new shows

American Horror Story Delicate Part 1.

Genre: The Horror Anthology
Date of release: The next day, Sept. 20, on Hulu
Showrunner/creator: Ryan Murphy
Cast: Emma Roberts and Kim Kardashian as well as Matt Czuchry are all featured.

You must forgive me, father, because I… would like to see what you are watching American Horror Story again. What does the new season look like? Rosemary’s BabyWith that trademarked, strangeo Ryan Murphy touch. Kim Kardashian, Matt Czuchry, (aka “the best”) and Matt Czuchry, are all there. Gilmore Girls boyfriend).

Max presents new shows

Young Love

Genre: A Slice of Family Life
Date of release: Sept. 21 with Four Episodes
Showrunner/creator: Matthew A. Cherry
Cast: Issa Rahe, Scott Mescudi Brooke Monroe Conaway and more

This show spins off Matthew Cherry’s Oscar-winning short Hair LoveThe film follows the Black millennial parent Stephen Love (Scott Mescudi), and Angela Young, (Issa Rahe) in their attempt to balance it all. In this case, “it all” includes parenting their daughter, Zuri (Brooke Monroe Conaway), while also trying to make it as a musician, furthering a career as a stylist, and recovering from cancer.

Prime Video has new shows

The New Chapter of Neighbours season 1

Genre: Old-school soap opera
Date of release: September 18, one episode, and new episodes every Monday through Friday thereafter
Showrunner/creator: Jason Herbison
Cast: Stefan Dennis: Alan Fletcher; Jackie Woodburne; Annie Jones; Rebekah elmaloglou and Georgie Stone.

While the revival of Down Under’s soap on Freevee may not appear to be newsworthy, it is actually a return for the original. NeighboursThe cast was impressive. From 1985 until 2022 the series followed the love, challenges, and lives of Ramsay Street’s residents. Margot Robbie was one of many stars who appeared in it, including Chris Hemsworth (and his son Liam), Guy Pearce Russell Crowe. So you might be seeing the next gen of Aussie stars, is what I’m saying.

Peacock presents new shows


Genre: Action-blockbuster origin story
Date of release: Sept. 22, with a single (very lengthy) episode
Showrunner/creator: Albert Hughes
Cast: Colin Woodell Mel Gibson Jessica Allain Mishel prada Nhung Kate Ben Robson and more

The first thing you should know about this show is it’s a spinoff of the John Wick universe, showing the origins of (as the title suggests) The Continental. This show is divided into three 90-minute episodes. Mel Gibson stars in the show. The fourth thing is that it’s quite fun!

Apple TV Plus now has new shows

Still Up

Genre: A romantic comedy that is almost a reality
Date of release: Sept. 22 with 3 episodes
Showrunner/creator: Steve Burge and Natalie Walter
Cast: Blake Harrison, Lois Chimimba and Craig Roberts are among the many artists who have been featured in recent months.

Lisa (Antonia Thomsen) and Danny Craig Roberts (Craig Roberts), both insomniacs who are awake in the very early hours of the day, connect. As they grow closer together, they can say nearly everything… except for their feelings for each other.

Super Models

Genre: Docuseries
Date of release: All four episodes of Sept. 20
Showrunner/creator: Roger Ross Williams & Larissa BILLS
Cast: Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and more.

There were many different types of cars in the 80s. You can also find out more about the following:Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford Linda Evangelista Christy Turlington are models you should know. Nicknamed “the Supers,” they brought a new dawn to the fashion industry and redefined how models would be seen. This doc follows their story and their influence — on fashion and beyond.

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