A Heartwarming Game with a Rich Story – A Perfect Dayis Now Available on Xbox

Would you regret your actions if you were able to travel in time back to that exact moment when you made a mistake? What if you could go back in time to the exact day when everything went wrong that you regret till now? Would you make different choices, say something else or perhaps not at all? A Perfect Day, a 6th-grade Chinese student has got this opportunity to relive his last day of the 20th century again and again, but unlike in the movie “Groundhog Day”, he enters a loop without the memories from the past ones.

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A Perfect DayThis is a fiction interactive game. Your journey as a Chinese primary school boy begins with the cancellation of the school day. You first want to have the courage to hand a birthday card to your favourite classmate. However, through the endless cycle on the last day of 1999, you learn about your friends’ and family’s secrets, and in the end help everyone achieve their ”perfect day”. You can also play Gamicom mini-games, assemble your own 4WD, or just spend the entire day relaxing in the park—It’s all up to you to have a perfect day for everyone…or not.

Play a Time Loop Based Game.

You can also find out more about the following: A Perfect DayYou can repeat the loops of past memories to recreate the day that ended the 20th Century. You’ll be able to make the most out of this single day that’s given to you, or quite the contrary. In the end, this is supposed to be your “perfect day”. At last, we all have our own definition of “perfect”, don’t we?

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This is a heartwarming and wholesome story

The game is based on four interconnected storylines that reveal the entire picture. It takes you on an emotional, nostalgic journey where mistakes can be forgiven, regrets forgotten and wounds healed. You can discover your true self by going back to high school. Revisit the excitement of your first romance. You can turn negative situations into positive by confronting your family with hardships you would otherwise not know.

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Living breathing characters

The know-it-all with glasses, the rich kid who keeps pace with the trends, the girl that you have a crush on, the neighbor granny who seems to know some secrets about you, and the crazy homeless man who keeps talking about aliens… Accompany them, get to know them, and maybe try to re-write their stories.

The Year 1999 in China: A nostalgic journey

Get back to the ‘90s and visit China at the dawn of its economic boom. Enjoy the Chinese lifestyle and culture of the 1990s, all beautifully portrayed in crayon paintings. You will feel nostalgic and yearn for the simpler times of old.

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Variety of Mini Games to Enjoy

Customize and race your very own 4WD mini car. Collect Gamicom console cartridges and play old-school games, beat arcade challenges and remind yourself why gaming back in the ‘90s was so much fun!

Have fun creating your version of Perfect. A Perfect Day Launches today on Xbox

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A Perfect Day

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You will play as an elementary student who is afraid to write a note to his best friend. In the endless loop of the last day of 1999, you find out the secrets of your classmates, your friends, your family, and help everyone to have their “perfect day”. You can also play mini-games on Gamicom, assemble your own 4WD, or go to the park to idle about all day… In short, it’s all up to you to have a perfect day or not.

The New Play
Discover a story that is woven into a puzzle, bound to the chains of time.
memories built into a serpentine labyrinth.
Borges is a great storyteller.
A Perfect Day will take you on a journey of discovery and adventure.

A Rich Story
The inspired experience of Chinese youths at the turn-of-the century is expressed in the details of every corner, and the unique gaming systems.

Complex Characters
The legacy of the visual novel is honored and affirmed in “A Perfect Day”.
Get to know and follow a variety of characters.
Rewrite your stories.

Magical Realism – New Wave
Inspire by magic realism
The style and structure in French New Wave movies
The works of Tarantino and Jia Zhi Zhangke, as well as Truffaut.
A game, yes – but a story, first.

Live Life for Yourself
It is your perfect moment, but it won’t be perfect.
Go. They are waiting for you.
Back to 1999
Back to the perfect day

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