84 Rapid-Fire Questions About Saints Row

We’re diving into the upcoming Saints Row reboot for this month’s cover story. We sat down with Jeremy Bernstein, Lead Mission Narrative Designer at Deep Silver Volition, to ask him 84 rapid-fire questions about the game ahead of its February release date. It is called Saints Row, first of all. Second, what is Johnny Gat doing there? We learn a lot about the project through our rigorous questioning, including its new cast of characters, how the Saints use food trucks for their Criminal Ventures schemes, and the game’s surreal American Southwest setting.

For this month’s coverage, we’re showing you an in-depth look at Saints Row. You can look forward to exclusive interviews about the creation of the game, how Deep Silver Volition is reimagining its beloved series, a look at the series’ new traversal mechanics – including a wingsuit and revamped driving systems – and of course, a slew of exclusive gameplay on our YouTube channel. You can also read our 12-page cover story with a digital or print subscription to get even more information on the upcoming reboot. If you haven’t yet, also be sure to check out our Saints Row exclusive coverage hub.

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