8 Helpful Tips for Packing Up a Gaming System for a Move

8 Helpful Tips for Packing Up a Gaming System for a Move

It’s vital to ensure that your video games are packaged correctly if you plan on moving and have a system for yourself or your children. These devices are often made up of small pieces that can be easily damaged during transit. While it may seem simpler to simply throw your gaming system in a bag, box, or hope for best, the console is likely to be damaged. These eight tips will help you protect your console during a relocation.

1. Bubble Wrap

First, make sure the console is wrapped up tightly in bubble wrap, and place it in a box with packing peanuts, newspapers, or other materials that will stop it from shifting from side to side during the move.

2. Carrying Case

A small case to protect your screen is inexpensive if you have a handheld game console like a Nintendo Switch or PlayStation Vita. Unfortunately, it won’t be helpful for larger consoles.

3. Bring It with You

You can take the console with you on any trip, whether driving or flying. It will fit in your luggage or at the foot of your seat in your car. Although some consoles are lightweight, others can be as heavy as 10 pounds. This could make it difficult to carry around if there is a long flight delay.

4. Moving Company Hire

Consider a moving company if you want to protect your gaming consoles and other valuable items. Their experts will ensure the items are properly packaged and arrive safely at your new home.

5. Wrap the console in clothing

Wrap the console in a sweatshirt, and then surround it with clothes if you need to move quickly or you don’t know how else you will pack. This is not the best solution, but it will be better if your console runs into an old shirt rather than something heavy.

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6. Cables and cords should be stored separately

Keep in mind that you should separate the HDMI cable, power cord, controllers and games from the other boxes. Hard metal plugs may damage your gaming system, or at least cause scratches.

7. Check that the disc is empty

You’ll only need to do this for certain consoles. If there is a DVD or CD drive inside, make sure you don’t have any in there. They can be easily scratched in transit, and you may have to buy a replacement for $60.

8. You can use a laptop bag

It is possible to use your spare console and soft laptop bag as a protection for your system. They are designed to protect computer systems from shock, but they will also protect your console.

The following eight tips will help you move your console safely from one home to another, so you can start playing as soon as your boxes are unpacked. Congrats on your new house!