4 Facts to Know About How Video Game Consoles are Made

4 Facts to Know About How Video Game Consoles are Made

The majority of people consider their consoles to be a given. They never think about how the consoles were assembled once they have them at home. The curious gamers that have always wanted to know how the systems were made will be in for a shock. The following four facts show that most consoles are made by multiple companies working together.

1. All Microchips in Gaming Machines Must Be Individually Chopped

Integral circuits (ICs) are made from silicon wafer slices. They form the foundation of any modern gaming console. When you look at the inside of any Pong game, you will see what looks like a collection of metallic-legded black insects. The chips themselves are manufactured from ingots with minimal defects that are then sliced into small pieces by a wire saw. Even a small imperfection can cause an entire console to fail, explaining the high rate of returns for certain fourth generation gaming machines.

2. Human Assembly Still Needed

Circuit boards are still assembled by hand. It is easy to think that a robot made nearly all of the parts of a gaming machine. Technicians use delicate machine tools Laying out individual components in a specific array, which is then placed inside a housing. Cases are usually manufactured by injection molding liquidized polymer under human supervision. Few video game hardware manufacturers have the physical plants needed to perform this type of work. They usually outsource each step to another organization.

3. Some manufacturers have no factories whatsoever

Many links of the hardware chain do not have any manufacturing capabilities. Some so-called fabless manufacturers of semiconductors design chips, but do not have the necessary equipment to produce them. Video game developersDual inline packages are selected through an auction process. Their contractors deliver the parts after subcontracting to professionals hired by a third party. The smallest hiccup can cause massive delays in this supply chain.

4. The Form of Consoles Must Follow the Function

Look at the following. video gameIf you look at the outside of a console, it’s easy to think they’re designed more for looks than function. The flourishes, however, are usually added by marketers after the original design. In the 80s, some companies designed system insides to be visually pleasing. Most electrical boards now are made strictly for functionality. The industrial designers are then brought in to determine the type of cover that will best protect the hardware.