343 On What You Need To Know About Halo Infinite’s Campaign

Halo Infinite’s next campaign is almost here. We sat down to discuss everything you need to know in order to get ready for the December 8th return of Master Chief.

Halo Infinite occurs 18 months after Halo 5’s events. A lot has been accomplished since then. As the UNSC struggles for Zeta Halo’s survival, The Banished get closer to fulfilling their wicked goals and humanity is again in danger. You may be familiar with some of these tropes, but 343 will tell you why Chief is telling a new story that should get fans excited. Quick SPOILER warning: We discuss where the characters are and some of their motivations headed into Halo Infinite. This video will explain how to play Halo Infinite cleanly.

We set the table by answering the question of who Halo Infinite is for. The game’s developers tried to appeal to veterans and new players, but they failed to do so in a way that was similar to The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. The discussion then turns to the future of the game and the expectations for players when Chief is found floating in space by The Pilot.

What good story is it without a strong villain? The 343 team was also focused on creating and fleshing out an antagonist in The Banished. This splinter group of Brutes and Elites is familiar to Halo Wars 2 fans. The team plans to make new, engaging stories about who Chief will clash with energy swords.

We will continue our discussion on the mysteries surrounding Halo Infinite. This includes where Cortana is, and what happened six months ago when Chief disappeared. First, let’s get to know The Weapon. She is your AI companion and sounds suspiciously familiar to Jen Taylor. What is her story? To find out, you’ll need to see the video.

We conclude our 343 discussion by discussing how the team has combined gameplay and narrative, as well as their determination to keep players engaged as much as they can. Was their strategy successful? The 8th of December cannot come soon enough.

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