3 Reasons Why Professional Gamers Need Cyber Insurance

3 Reasons Why Professional Gamers Need Cyber Insurance

If you game professionally, then you will likely have a lot of protection for all of the hardware and supplies you use on a regular basis. The protection plans you have for your physical hardware should also apply to your digital life online.

With gaming almost exclusively online now, you want to protect your income and career from hackers, trolls, and criminals who mess with your digital presence. Learn some of the reasons why you should protect yourself with cyber insurance and how a policy can offer a lot of protection for the long term.

1. Business Interruption Losses

If you suffer from a cyber attack, then you could have viruses and internet issues that prevent you from streaming online or making income on new videos you produce. The outcome could result in a major business interruption loss. The losses can quickly add up and Cyber Insurance would help cover any losses during this time.

You can compare past videos, live streams, and video game tournament winnings to determine how major your losses are. You do not want to lose out on big chunks of income and an insurance policy can give you a lot of peace of mind when these issues occur.

2. Identity Theft Monitoring Coverage

Data breaches happen all the time and can result in your sensitive information getting shared through the web. Instead of worrying on a regular basis if your identity has been compromised in any way, Cyber insurance can help cover the costs of identity theft monitors.

A monitoring service can provide you with alerts of attempted accounts open in your name and any other form of identity theft. With the service, you can continue your gaming career and do not need to worry about major account hacks or your credit score getting messed up due to fraudulent claims.

The monitoring service can provide protection for several months and an insurance policy based around cyber issues may allow you to use a service to help prevent any problems before they actually occur.

3. Personal Information and Legal Costs

If your computer or phone was hacked, then hackers may have access to some of your personal data including pictures, videos, or compromising messages. Not only can this information ruin your reputation, but it could dramatically impact your career as a professional gamer.

Cyber insurance will help cover legal costs if you want to take legal action for the actions people took with your digital life. You may need lawyers to defend yourself, file claims, and help remove specific content from the internet. Those legal costs can quickly add up, but they will all get covered with a proper insurance claim.

Cyber security is not something to take lightly, especially if you game or stream online on a regular basis. Do not let your career suddenly come to a halt due to cyber issues. The insurance policy can fit your specific needs and have the proper coverage to ensure you do not run into major problems in the future.